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Resources to bookmark:

Throughout the course, you will use online resources to locate visual media as part of your assignments. Please go through each of these items and bookmark them for future use.

Image repositories:

  • Unsplash – If you use an image from Unsplash, it is in the Public Domain. It does not indicate this explicitly in their license page because they do not want anyone to use their images to create a competing service. Their license description, however, is literally the same as Public Domain usage. If you cite an image used from Unsplash, always include the Public Domain attribution.
  • Flickr
  • Iconfinder
  • Google Images
  • Behance – Always check the license at the bottom right corner of the image information. Some images are portfolio pieces from actual commercial work the artist was hired to perform. If the image appears to be part of a commercial project (such as an obvious branding element, logo, or product placement), it is not in the Creative Commons – the copyright is owned by the company that hired the designer even if the designer has (errantly) placed a CC license on the work. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • Creative Commons

Reverse image lookup – These are useful if you want to check where an image originated from:

Creative Commons Licensing – These links describe how to use an image that is licensed for reuse without violating copyright restrictions.

Demonstration videos (no audio) on how to locate images in the Creative Commons.

How to locate, download and attribute Creative Commons images


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