Progress Monitoring Part 2


In this introductory level clinical course, you will monitor student progress in your lesson plans through formative assessments that will include both quantitative and qualitative data points. This will be communicated in your lesson plan sections 3 a and b and in the body of the lesson.
All formative assessments must DIRECTLY target the learning objective of the lesson.


progress monitoring

3a. Include the actual assessment in your lesson. You can do this my linking of assessment from your Google Drive, or included an “object” using MS Word.

If you are describing an assessment, the description must be clear. Make sure at least one of your assessments will give you numerical data to refer to in your reflection to prove whether students have met the objective.

3b. Below is an example of a data table to gather formative assessment data during a math intervention with 3 students. Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are useful tools for building data tables. When they are developed properly the programs have the capacity to convert data into graphs.

You can build your data tables in these programs and add the links to your lesson plans. Be sure to use a “anyone with the link can view” sharable link in your lesson plans.

*The color coding is used to highlight the fields of information. The table should provide a concise view of each student’s lesson outcome and progress towards meeting the measurable learning objective.

data table