6 Final IDP

You have spent the term creating various aspects of your IDP. Now you are to compile those and remaster the parts that needed edits. Please see the examples and rubric for more information. Due Thursday, no late submissions accepted.

Be sure to include:

Start with an introduction and then

1. Educational Need

2. Task & Learner Analysis

3. Objectives

4. Methods of Delivery

5. Instructional Strategies

6. Instructional Content – this should be mostly original content that you have designed.

7. Technology Checklist

8. Activities

9. Formative & Summative Evaluations

10. Map of your IDP

11. Conclusion

12. Reference List – APA Format

 Any feedback provided should be included and updated for your final assignment. 

You should include all materials that an instructor would need to teach the course/IDP you are proposing.  




Analysis (15 points)
Instructional Objectives (10 points)
Instructional Strategies (20 points)
Evaluation (15 points)
Content & Delivery (10 points)
Instructional Content (30 points)

Rubric for Final IDP


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