Design: Instructional Objectives

Instructional Objectives play a central role to any instructional design project.

To begin establishing your IDP learning objectives, ask yourself the following:
• What is the overall goal of my instructional activity?
• What do I want my learners to know and be able to do at the end of the instructional activity?
• Will my learning objectives meet the goal?

For this assignment, you will need to create 3 – 5 measurable learning objectives. Review the Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy for appropriate selection of verbs.

The model above illustrates utilization of Bloom’s taxonomy cognitive level in writing learning objectives and how these objectives are related to the selection of teaching methods and assessment strategies (retrieved from


Review the Module Notes and make sure that your objectives state all 3 components:

1. The skill or behavior to be performed
2. Conditions of performance
3. Criteria used to measure performance

Please use the worksheet available in the Objective Module in Moodle.


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