Guidelines for your IDP

Guidelines for your Instructional Design Project

1.) You should base your project on a real challenge you see in your day to day life. I have seen all sorts of project topics from tracking an infants vitals for new parents, training EMTs how to respond appropriately to mass casualty emergencies, and on the job training for mechanics on new technologies.

2.) This is not a group project, and you must work independently.

3.) This cannot be a solution you have already created and/or implemented through work or any other setting.

4.) Not all student will have the opportunity to implement their project during the course. When you are asked to evaluate your project, implement your project, or survey your population, you should use educated but fictional data. Be prepared to explain all fiction you create for the project.

Note: See the example IDPs that are available in the Course Resource folder in the Moodle course.


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