Implement: Deliver your solution

Implement: Teach the Course

For Online Learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are frequently used to deliver trainings, classes and other programs. Our course is delivered in Moodle. During this phase, you will research 2 Learning Management Systems to help you assess if an LMS is a possible solution for your delivery.

• How will you ‘pilot’ your training?
• How will you deal with unforeseen instructional issues?

LMS Assignment:
There are various Learning Management Systems (LMS) in use for both education and business settings. At GSC, we use Moodle. Research the difference between 2 Learning Management Systems that you might encounter at your workplace, or you have used previously/or heard about. Keep in mind that Learning Management Systems are only as good as they are set-up to be. So, Moodle might look very different at one school than it does at another. Stick to information that you can cite.

What is an LMS?

Methods of Delivery:
Earlier in the course, you learned about Methods of Delivery. As you think about implementing your course, what method makes sense and why?


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