Parts of the Instructional Design Project

There are several parts of the IDP that make up the final product. As I previously mentioned, each section of the IDP relates to the ADDIE Model. You will see a graphic below that further defines the parts of Addie. Each of the parts has unique grading criteria, be sure to check the assignment for more information.


Analysis: Learner and Task Analysis

• Who are your students/learners?
• What is the learning context?
• What is the performance context?

Design: Instructional Objectives

• What do you want your students to know and be able to do at the end of instruction?
• What is the overall goal of your training initiative?
• What specific objectives will need to be met to achieve the goal?

Develop: Instructional Strategies

• How are you going to deliver the required information to your learners?
• What educational strategies will you need to employ to meet the goals and objectives?
• What educational technology can/should you include in the

Implement: Teach the Course

• How will you ‘pilot’ your training?
• How will you deal with unforeseen instructional issues?


Formative evaluation:
o Did the students learn what they needed to?
o How did you measure that learning?
o What assessment tools did you use to measure learning?
o What were the assessment outcomes?
Summative evaluation:
o Did the students like/dislike the course?
o What would you change to make it better?
o How did you acquire this feedback? (i.e., Focus Groups,
Level 2 Evaluations, interviews?)


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