What is the purpose of the Instructional Design Project?

What is the purpose of the IDP?
The IDP will allow students to analyze a problem, study the audience, design & develop a solution that meetings the users needs and resolves the problem, proves the problem is resolved through evaluation and assessment. All of these skills will demonstrate mastery of the class learning outcomes.

• Demonstrate the elements of an instructional design process.
• Illustrate the role instructional design plays in developing effective interactive learning systems.
• Compare and contrast various interactive learning systems by examining their intended use in the classroom and/or how they can be used to produce multimedia instructional content.
• Explain how an interactive learning tool could enhance or detract from an androgogical strategy while developing instruction.
• Design and develop a comprehensive Instructional Design Project plan for a real or hypothetical training/educational program that incorporates an instructional design process and integrates interactive learning theory and systems as appropriate.
• Demonstrate an understanding of creativity and innovation in instructional design.
• Develop and apply criteria to evaluate interactive learning systems based on best practices.
• Analyze current trends in instructional design and interactive learning educational technology.


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