Great lessons don’t just happen!  Effective practitioners are intentional about determining a lesson’s purpose and the instructional process they’ll use to best meet their students’ needs.  They plan so that their students’ investment of time in learning is valued and productive and moves them toward the attainment of specific learning objectives.

At Granite State College’s School of Education, teacher candidates are required to prepare comprehensive lesson plans that foster the process of planning effective instruction.  With time and experience, this process becomes intrinsic, leading to the need for less documentation.

This book is intended to serve as a resource for beginning teachers as they master the art of effective lesson planning and for experienced teachers as they revisit the components of lesson planning that become second nature over time.

Each chapter presents a component of lesson planning critical for student learning and decribes how that component is targeted in Granite State College lesson planning tools, including the GSC Lesson Plan Template, the GSC Lesson Plan Rubric, and the GSC Lesson Observation Feedback Tool.

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