Moodle Basics

10 Basic Navigation

Moodle courses use modules and blocks to organize the instructional resources and activities.

The images below illustrate the layout of a typical online course.  Though some courses may differ, they will all function similarly.

Top Section

The top section of a Moodle course (sometimes referred to as Topic 0) provides course administration information such as an Announcements forum, course syllabus, details on course major assignments and rubrics.

blocks and top section of course page


Moodle uses Blocks to provide additional course information, navigation and resources. Some instructors customize their Blocks, but every class will include the blocks listed below.

  • Activities – Lists and allows navigation between the different activities available in your course (Forums, Quizzes, Assignments, Checklists and so forth).
  • Instructor Details  – Provides students with the instructor’s contact information.
  • Resources – Includes a link to Try Turnitin and another for Video Tutorials and Guides.










module contents


Moodle courses use Modules as a means of chunking course topics into individual sections. Generally, a Module corresponds to a week

of learning and engagement in your online course. Unless otherwise specified, Modules begin on Mondays and end on Sunday.

Each Module includes its start and end date along with:

  • Overview – A description of the week’s topic and Learning Objectives.
  • Read, Review, Watch – A collection of instructional media such as reading assignments, website links to review, videos to watch, downloadable documents, and other assets.
  • Activities – Discussion forums, submissions assignments, quizzes, and other assessed activities.

Navigation Bar

The Moodle navigation bar (also referred to sometimes as “breadcrumbs”) shows the current content path.  Some items in the path are clickable so that, for example, if you are in currently in a Forum activity, you can click on the course title in the path to return to the main course page. This can save you a few clicks!

top navigation
This image shows the top navigation for your course.  On the left end of the menu bar there is an image of three horizontal lines which can be clicked on to open the Navigation block to the left of the window.

Navigation Block- (see image below) Includes My home, Site pages, Current Course and My courses. The Navigation block has links which can be expanded or collapsed. To view all your courses go to the Navigation block, click on the small triangle to the left of My courses which will open a drop-down menu. A list of all your active courses will be shown. Click on the course you would like to open to view that course.

This image shows the contents of the Navigation Block. To close the block, select the “X” on the top navigation bar.


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