Moodle Basics

9 Forum Subscription Settings

When you participate in a discussion forum, you have some options for how you would like to be notified that there has been some interaction in forums where are a participants. Subscription Settings enable you to decide how you would like to be notified so that you can jump back into the discussion in a timely way.

User subscription settings

When you are subscribed to a forum, it means that you will receive a notification of each new posting. By default, posts are permanently recorded 30 minutes after the post was first saved. Once this happens, automated notifications are sent to all participants. The following options describe how you will receive those notifications.

Area 1: My Profile Settings:

You can set your global forum subscription settings within your Profile settings.

From your course home page select Administration > My profile settings > Edit profile and ensure the Forum auto-subscribe feature is set the way you want.


Area 2: Forums:

You can also choose how to subscribe to a forum within each individual forum. However, your instructor may configure the forum in a certain way that overrides whatever settings you may choose, such as if the subject matter is critically important.

To view all of your forum subscription settings, go to the Activities block and click on “Forums”.



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