Technical Requirements

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Technical Requirements

  • A computer running a current operating system that supports a recent browsers.
  • Access to the Internet. DSL or Broadband access is recommended.
  • An up-to-date browser with Cookies enabled.  See Browsers & Settings for specific web browser compatibility information.
  • Anti-virus software with current updates.
  • Word processing software is needed to complete and submit some assignments.
  • Some courses will require specific software, hardware, plugins or applications. See course syllabus for details.  If so, you will typically see a message asking if you want to install the needed software.

Basic Computer Skills Needed:

  • Saving and finding files and folders on a computer;
  • Copying/cutting and pasting text;
  • Using a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word;
  • Attaching and uploading documents and assignments;
  • Sending and receiving email;
  • Using a supported web browser to access your course and other online resources on the Web.


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