Moodle Basics

11 Submission Assignments

Moodle submission assignments are the digital equivalent of printing out your assignment and handing it in to your instructor in a classroom.

Moodle submission assignments can accommodate uploading digital documents such as word processor files (Microsoft Word),  spreadsheets, and PDF files .  Your instructor will provide you with assignment details, requirements, expectations, and other special provisions for the assignment.

There are also Moodle submission assignments that require you to record and upload a video. Video assignments are handled differently and would not use the standard Moodle submission assignment. To read more about submitting videos for a video assignment, please contact your instructor.

To submit an assignment using the Moodle submission assignment feature.

  1. Click on the Moodle assignment link. Assignment links are denoted by the unique assignment link icon shown below:
  1. Click on the “Add submission” button…
Add Submission
  1. Click on the “Add (+)” button to browse and attach the assignment file or files.  The process is just like adding an attachment to an email.  Select the “Save changes” button and your work will be submitted to the instructor for grading. The submissions will also include a time stamp of your submission which is recorded in Moodle and can be viewed by your instructor.
Submit Assignment


Once your assignment has been graded, you will be able to view your grade and feedback by navigating to the Administration block and selecting Grades.


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