Moodle Basics

8 Your Profile Page

Your profile contains personal information that other users in Moodle can view by clicking on your name. Standard profile information includes your name, location (City/Town/Country), email address (if you chose to make it accessible), the list of courses you are enrolled in, a picture (if you choose to insert one) and your interests.

First time users need to go into their profile page and fill out the required fields. When your information changes please ensure your profile is updated as necessary.

To edit your Profile Page:

1)  Go to the User Menu found next to your name in the upper right of the screen. Then, select Profile.


edit profile

2) In the Edit Profile screen, you can edit:

  • Your first name, email display, city, country as well as a bio (brief description of your self.)
  • Your profile picture and various personal information.

Please note that personal information that you add about yourself will be available to all other users logged into  Moodle site so limit it to only information that you wish to share with the community.

Profile settings

The illustration below shows the editable fields of your profile.



3) You can also edit your Preferences for things like notifications of course activity.



Recommended Profile Page Settings:

  • Edit Profile/First name*: You may edit this, but please use an actual name (such as “Alex” instead of “Alexander”) but not a nickname.
  • Edit Profile/Surname*: Your last name (family name) cannot be edited.
  • Edit Profile/Email address: The email address cannot be edited.
  • Edit Profile/Email display: Allow only other course members to see my email address
  • Edit Profile/City, town, and Select a country*: Insert your location if you wish. The Country should be entered automatically.
  • Forum Preferences:
    • Email digest type: Complete (daily email with full posts)
    • Forum auto-subscribe: No: don’t automatically subscribe me to forums
    • Forum tracking: Yes: highlight new posts for me
  • Preferred Language: English – United States (en_us)

*Required fields.

Optional: There are other fields you may fill in on the bottom of the Profile page that are optional, such as inserting a user picture, list of your interests, webpage, phone, etc. If you insert a picture, please use a portrait style image rather than a long shot from a distance. Use a picture of yourself that you would want classmates and your instructors to see. Please do not use pictures of just your pet or something other than yourself.

Be sure to use good judgment in sharing your personal information.


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