I would like to take a moment to dedicate this Pressbook to Dr. Nicholas Marks, Dean and Dr. Carolyn Cormier, Associate Dean of the School of Education at Granite State College. Dr. Marks, without the confidence and support you have given me I would not be where I am today. You have given me opportunities that required your trust in my abilities that I have not received in the past and for that I am forever grateful. Dr. Cormier, your enthusiasm and passion is contagious. You have given me the courage come out of my comfort zone a few times and while I wasn’t impressed I am, in fact, forever grateful.

I also would like to thank my family for all the love and support of my own lifelong learning. My husband, Jeff, and my two boys, believe I will never leave school. They may be right.

Lastly, I would like to give a big shout out to my daughter Annissa who has always bragged on my behalf which has fueled my continuous pursuit of learning and teaching, and furthermore, writing this book. Thank you Annissa for the encouragement, support, and love you have given me along the way.




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