H5P is a plugin that is used to create interactive content.  The plugin is Open Source and can be used to create, edit, or uploading existing H5P content.  The H5P.org site allows content authors (like you) to create interactive content and test content.  You can also create interactive content using H5P directly on certain sites if the plugin has been installed. H5p.org now has a paid option to allow authors to publish their content on the sister site, H5P.com. Currently, Moodle is the only LMS that uses the free H5p.org plugin.

H%P logoWhat is H5P? H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables authors to create interactive content.  Currently, H5P can be installed on WordPress sites, Drupal sites, and in Moodle free of charge.

Why would you need H5P?  Instructors love H5P to add interest and interaction to YouTube videos, assessments, and presentations.  There are numerous H5P content types and applications that authors can select. The content types include games, multimedia, questions, and social media options.

The H5P Recipe

  1. Free H5P account
  2. Content to make interactive
  3. Internet connection


Navigate to H5P.org and log in.  Click the “my account” option in the top menu bar.  Select “create new content” under your account’s quick links. Select the content type you would like to use. If you are not sure which to select, you can click the “details” button on any content type for a demo and documentation. Interactive Videos are very popular with instructors. When you have decided on your content type, click the “use” button.

For this example, I will use the Interactive Video. Scroll to the part of the video that you would like the interaction to be located. Add a title for your content, select a video that you would like to make interactive.  You may use a link from a YouTube video, or upload a video.  Click the “step 2” tab to add interactions to your video.  You have many choices for interactions from simple text, to hotspots, true and false questions, and questionnaires. Click the interaction type that you would like to use, and fill out the form that pops up. When you have finished click “done”.  You will then see a small dot added to the timeline of the video, that is how interactions are noted.

Considerations to ask about: Be sure to think about the type of content you want learners to interact with prior to selecting a tool.  This will aid you in picking the right content type for your learners.  H5P is a free tool, and therefore, sometimes issues arise that you will need to troubleshoot.  H5P has a lively user forum that is helpful when issues occur.

From the teaching kitchen of Erin Courville, Granite State College (USNH)


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