Whether you are teaching web literacy and having students read, write, and participate on the Internet, or are simply teaching a traditional text like a poem or article that just happens to be online, you and your students can use Hypothesis to collaboratively annotate anything on the Internet.

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What is Hypothes.is? Hypothes.is is a browser plugin that extends the ability of your Web browser to annotate Web pages in any way that is useful for your professional or scholarly work.

Why would you need Hypothes.is? Hypothes.is enables you to change the central point of interest from a link in a course to the actual location of the online artifact.

How are faculty using Hypothes.is? Hypothes.is can be used to highlight areas of a Web page and ask questions as part of a rhetorical strategy, create a bibliography, and link additional media. It enables collaborative conversations about particular points in articles or websites that can engage not just your students, but others outside of the class such as the author and/or interested academics, students from other classes or universities, grad students, professionals, etc.

The Hypothes.is Recipe

  1. Create a Hypothesis account at http://hypothes.is
  2. While there, install the extension or bookmarklet for your browser (links provided by Hypothes.is after account creation)
  3. Browse to a website you would like to annotate.
  4. Activate the Hypothesis tool.
  5. Highlight text and annotate away!

Things to keep in mind as you enjoy your freshly baked annotations:

Additional recipe resources:

Considerations to ask about: There is no documentation on the Hypothes.is website that describes its compliance to ADA accessibility, so pursue this further if needed. Hypothes.is is open source, so it comes at no cost. However, if there are FERPA considerations in your plans for its use, speak with an expert at your institution.

From the teaching kitchen of Karen Cangialosi (Keene State College)


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