If you’ve ever wanted to host a digital bulletin board for your class to post notes and multimedia links, Padlet makes it happen with the least amount of friction. Just double-click on the board and add an entry.

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What is Padlet? Padlet is a free online tool where members can post notes and links and arrange them much like a regular bulletin board. Entries can include formatted and hyperlinked media.

Why would you need Padlet? Padlet is handy for showing a visual representation of information so that viewers can quickly scan posts and interact with them.

How are faculty using Padlet? Padlet has been used in teaching as a place outside of the course for students to post entries related to a specific topic or question. It’s strength is in its ability to present information as an all-at-once matrix rather than as a linear format such as a slideshow or document.

The Padlet Recipe

  1. Go to Padlet [¬† ] and open an account. It’s free! The free account has limited capabilities, so if you need¬†user management, extra privacy, or different themes, you may wish to upgrade.
  2. Click the “Make a Padlet” button and build your board.
  3. Click on the Share button to see the various sharing options such as a direct link or embed code.
  4. Provide your students with guidelines for participating.

Considerations to ask about: Since this tool operates in the same way as an open discussion forum in your course, be sure to advise students that whatever they post should be appropriate for an open interaction. Padlet is “mostly” ADA compliant with accessibility readers, but check in advance if there are students who need fully accessible resources.

From the teaching kitchen of Steve Covello, Granite State College (USNH)


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